GDH3 Hares & Runs – Summer Runs on Monday 19:00 for 19:30

Run 1614 Monday 15 July – Naughty Nun on route CR110 between Bascharage and Clémency. When you see the sign « Schack » the parking will be more or less 400m further on, to your right hand side. To be precise it is the SECOND parking at your right hand side. And it is about 400m after the SECOND sign « Shack » (the first one being only an indication of direction, but might lead to confusion).The parking is not well marked, so drive slowly to not miss it.  – On In probably in a Pizzeria in Clémency or Bascharge 
Run 1615 Monday 22 July – VOLUNTEER NEEDED On In TBA
Run 1616 Monday 29 July – Naughty Nurse – On In TBA
Run 1617 Monday 5 August – Snitch Post Party Run – On In TBA
Run 1618 Monday 12 August – SBF from the P&R Bouillon (Hollerich) top floor of the parking.  – On In On In Restaurant Appayan (Indian)
Run 1619 Monday 19 – August – VOLUNTEER NEEDED – On In TBA
Run 1620 Monday 26 August – VOLUNTEER NEEDED – On In TBA
Run 1621 Monday 2 September – Blarney and Mush – On In TBA

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